How To Memorize Names

I have a secret. O.K., so if you know me personally it’s not much of a secret. Up until just a few weeks ago I thought that I had a learning disability when it comes to remembering names. I’m not kidding. Just ask my wife. When we first started dating one of the first things that … [Read more…]

The Language Teacher’s Paradox: To Truly Teach the Language You Need to Forget About Teaching. It’s All About Communicating.

Why is so much of foreign language teaching ineffective? Why are so many students leaving foreign language programs without being able to understand, much less use the language? One major factor is time. Many foreign language programs here in the U.S. are for only 4-5 hours a week, for four years (or less). At the … [Read more…]

Why Learn French?

(A map of regions where French is the main language.) Why learn French? At least in the U.S. it seems like Spanish is everywhere, so why would you want to learn French? Now, I’d like to start off saying that whatever foreign language (or languages) you decide to learn I think you’ve made a great decision … [Read more…]