1. Nathaniel Hardt

    Great post, Bryan. I would add that one of the things our brains engage in is problem-solving, Problems can be defined as not having all of the pieces or as not having all of the pieces in order. With numbers we know there is an order. If we encounter them randomly we will want get all of the pieces and put them in order. Each random encounter is significant because it is a key to discovering the other pieces and putting them in order. When pieces are missing we ask for the missing pieces as we are ready for them. Randomness is thus more engaging than than a serial presentation, just as a box of puzzle pieces is more engaging than looking at a puzzle someone else has done for us. Thanks for spurring me to think more deeply about the importance of randomness in language acquisition.

    • Bryan Whitney

      Problem-solving also keeps people engaged and interested. Nothing is quite so boring as just having the answer to something handed to you.

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